Volkswagen e-up!

The small electric that makes the big difference.

Volkswagen e-up! makes electric mobility even easier. And simply better. Advanced technology meets excellent design and the result is the small and impressive Volkswagen e-up!

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    Electric technology

    The powerful electric motor of the e-up! with zero emissions extends both the driving pleasure and the range to up to 260km. Thus, you can comfortably cover your daily transport needs on the island. Acceleration is steadily dynamic and it takes just 11.9 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h.

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    The e-up! stands out for its fresh and minimalistic design. And of course, all due to the electric drive which is obvious even at a distance, thanks to the front design with its blue decorative trim strip, the integrated Volkswagen badge as well as the striking C-signature LED lights. In the interior, the seats with their “Fusion” design, the integrated headrests and the stylish “Black Cube” dashboard, immediately catch your eye. Smart details, such as the bag hook in the glove compartment to hang your bags, offer comfort and practicality.

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    The e-up! offers comfort in your daily mobility needs through a series of useful systems and technologies. The "maps + more" application helps you have everything under control while your smartphone becomes your ideal navigator during the day. All you need to do is connect your smartphone once, via Bluetooth, to the "Composition Phone" infotainment system, and then you can quickly and easily use your smartphone’s functions such as offline navigation and have access to your contacts or music files at any time.

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    Even in the smallest Volkswagen, safety plays a central role. Smart assistance systems such as Lane Assist and Road Sign Recognition ensure your safety and comfort. This makes driving simpler and easier than ever before. Also, a vehicle with an electric motor like the e-up! does not produce much noise especially when travelling at low speeds and for this reason it may not be noticed by pedestrians or cyclists. The e-sound system produces a characteristic engine noise up to 30 km/h via a speaker.

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    We Connect "e-remote" services allow the remote control of many functions of the vehicle, via smartphone, providing exceptional convenience and practicality. For example, you can remotely activate the e-up! air conditioning system and set the desired temperature without having to be inside the vehicle. Additionally, you can analyse your driving behaviour as you receive route information such as average power consumption, average speed and driving time. Through your smartphone you can also remotely start and stop charging, check the battery’s charge level and the remaining range or search for charging stations.

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    Charging the e-up! is as easy as connecting the plug to a socket. You can charge its battery in just 60 minutes at a public charging station with a power of 40kW and you are all set for economical and ecological driving. Another option is through a 7.2kW wallbox charger that is installed either in charging stations or at home. In this case, a full battery charge takes 5 hours and 27 minutes. Finally, you can charge the e-up! via a 2.3kW household socket, in which case a full battery charge takes 16 hours and 12 minutes.


Technical Specifications

Model:Volkswagen e-up!
Battery Capacity:32.3 kWh
Power:83 PS
Torque:210 Nm
Range:256 km
Consumption:14,5 kWh/100km
Acceleration 0-100 km/h:11.9 sec
Cargo volume:250 lt
AC Charging (7.2kW):5h & 27 min (100% charging)
DC Charging (40kW):60 min (80% charging)
Select colour: Pure White


Aluminium rims (basic equipment)

Price overview

Starting price:26,450
Volkswagen Group & Kosmocar discount:7,300
This amount is deducted from the Initial Price only if you fulfil the conditions for state subsidy as described in the e-Αstypalea platform of the Ministry of Environment & Energy.
Subsidy of e-Astypalea program:6,177
e-Astypalea subsidy is under the prerequisites as stated at e-astypalea.gov.gr/index_en.html
Colour:(Pure White)174
Ζάντες Αλουμινίου: 0
Final price:13,147

All prices include VAT

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