Ride electric

The electric scooter SEAT MÓ 125 is the new, electric way to move through your city with ease. An eco-friendly mobility solution made for bold future living.

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    100% electric

    Power up. Get going.

    Move smarter and lighter. The fully-electric SEAT MÓ 125 produces neither noise nor emissions. Powerful, electric and efficient.

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    Full autonomy

    As unique as you are.

    Be where you want to be. With a reverse gear for parking, so you can back into tight spots. And a 137km range for daily commutes or long weekend trips.

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    Riding modes

    Adjust your riding style.

    Move inside the city as well as outside. With 3 riding modes to give you more options depending on your day-to-day.

    - Eco mode minimizes your battery usage.

    - City mode balances battery usage and performance.

    - Sport mode for more speed and performance.

    - Reverse mode to effortlessly back out of those tight spots.

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    Clever design


    A fully-electric, high-performance scooter that goes 0-50 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Topping out at 95km/h.


    The removable battery can also be used to charge other devices. The handle pulls up as the wheels drop down. Making it simple to move to any conventional power supply.

    Helmet space

    With space for two helmets under the seat. Go where you want. When you want. With who you want.

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    The world at your fingertips.

    Places to be? Stay connected while on the move. Use your smartphone to find out exactly where you parked. And the shareable key means you can even get a friend to pick it up for you.


Technical Specifications

Model:SEAT MÓ 125 
Battery Capacity:5.6 kWh
Total Power:9 kW
Range:137 km
Consumption:70 Wh/km
Acceleration 0-50 km/h:3.9 sec
Domestic plug socket charging:Appr. 6 hours (100% charging)
Select colour: Daring Red

Price overview

Starting price:6,890
Volkswagen Group & Kosmocar discount:1,630
This amount is deducted from the Initial Price only if you fulfil the conditions for state subsidy as described in the e-Αstypalea platform of the Ministry of Environment & Energy.
Subsidy of e-Astypalea program:1,697
e-Astypalea subsidy is under the prerequisites as stated at e-astypalea.gov.gr/index_en.html
Colour:(Daring Red)0
Ζάντες Αλουμινίου: 0
Final price:3,563

All prices include VAT

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The special prices depicted are offered only if you fulfil the conditions for state subsidy as described in the e-Αstypalea platform of the Ministry of Environment & Energy: e-astypalea.gov.gr/index_en.html

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