Volkswagen ID.3

The starting point of a new era.

The ID.3 marks an important milestone in Volkswagen history. With the ID.3, Volkswagen begins a new, dynamic era in the world of electromobility, which among other benefits leads to a carbon-neutral footprint. This is where electrifying performance meets pioneering design and range that is suitable for everyday life. For people looking for change, the future is here. All aboard!

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    Electric technology

    The ID.3 Plus edition has a battery capacity of 58 kWh, which offers a range of up to 425km and this is ideal for those who want to make short trips. Driving the ID.3 is a real pleasure, as it has powerful rear-wheel drive with immediate acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in just 7.3 seconds, with no changes and interruptions in transmission power.

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    The ID.3 Plus brings a glimpse to the future with its design as well. Some characteristic details of its futuristic appearance are the front grille and the redesigned Volkswagen logo. The new all-electric platform (MEB) on which the ID.3 is based, offers an extra-long wheelbase with unusually short overhangs. This provides the ID.3 with a very generously sized interior based on a new open space philosophy. The absence of a central tunnel offers plenty of legroom which in combination with the comfortable seats and the large 10'' touchscreen, underline the feeling of spaciousness in the interior.

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    Driving the ID.3 Plus edition is even more enjoyable thanks to a number of intelligent systems that provide a superior level of comfort. The air conditioning system or your music preferences are operated intuitively by your voice and touch and without the use of buttons and switches. Thanks to the Voice Control, just say «Hello ID» and the ID.Light on the dashboard will show you that it is listening to you. The interactive ID.Light strip which extends across the dashboard, sends you visual signals, making driving easier. It prompts you to change lanes with light indicators and when you get out of the ID.3, it blinks you goodbye with light. Also, with the 10-color interior ambient lighting, the instrument panel and the doors can be illuminated according to your mood, allowing you to set the appropriate atmosphere for each trip.

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    The ID.3 supports you with intelligent IQ.Drive assistance systems that make driving safer and more relaxed. At the same time it can help to avoid accidents or reduce their consequences. Systems such as «Lane Assist» and «Adaptive Cruise Control» help you during critical situations, while your ID.3 communicates with other vehicles on the road to ensure better and safer driving conditions, through the Car2X technology. Standard equipment also includes «Emergency Steering Assist», which helps the driver to drive around obstacles by corresponding steering interventions, as well as the «Park Pilot» (Park Distance Control), which alerts you with auditory signals and a graphic display on the infotainment system, whether there is adequate space in front or behind the ID.3.

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    With the We Connect ID. app you have a perfect overview of your ID.3. Information such as battery charge level, remaining range or charging time is easily displayed on your smartphone. In addition, the app allows you to control your vehicle remotely. For example, the ID.3 interior temperature can be set to your preferred level before you even board. And while driving, you stay connected with the We Connect Start services and receive real-time information about the traffic or charging stations, including availability, prices and opening hours. So, you enjoy the benefits of fully-connected, electric mobility from the first moment.

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    Charging is nothing to worry about, as you can charge the ID.3 at home, either on a household outlet or via the ID. Connect Charger. In this case you charge with alternating current (AC charging) providing a charging capacity of 11 kW and the battery is fully charged in 6 hours & 15 minutes. When you use the ID. Connect Charger, you are able to know the cost and charging time, the range status of the vehicle and you also have the option of remote access.
    On the other hand, in a public charging station with direct current (DC charging) and charging power of 120kW, the Plus battery can be charged in just 35 minutes. A single charge is enough to cover trips for a whole week. In addition, We Charge informs you about the availability of charging stations, including detailed information and charging prices, via the We Connect ID. app. Charging and payment is made through a card provided by Volkswagen, which gives you access to public charging stations.


Technical Specifications

Model:Volkswagen ID.3 Plus
Battery Capacity:58kW
Total Power:204 PS
Torque:310 Nm
Range:425 km
Consumption:15.3 kWh/100km
Acceleration 0-100 km/h:7.3 sec
Cargo volume:385 lt
AC Charging (11 kW):6 h & 15 min (100% charging)
DC Charging (120 kW):35 min (80% charging)
Select colour: Glacier White metallic / black roof

Price overview

Starting price:45,300
Volkswagen Group & Kosmocar discount:12,950
This amount is deducted from the Initial Price only if you fulfil the conditions for state subsidy as described in the e-Αstypalea platform of the Ministry of Environment & Energy.
Subsidy of e-Astypalea program:10,435
e-Astypalea subsidy is under the prerequisites as stated at
Colour:(Glacier White metallic / black roof)645
Ζάντες Αλουμινίου: 0
Final price:22,560

All prices include VAT

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