Astypalea: smart and sustainable island

The Volkswagen Group and the Hellenic Republic have chosen the island of Astypalea for a pioneering project for both sides. Through joint actions, Astypalea will become a model for climate-neutral mobility.

The current transport system on the island will be replaced by electric vehicles while the production of electricity will be generated mainly on local green and renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy sources. In addition, new mobility services such as vehicle sharing will help reduce and optimize traffic.

This initiative is in line with the vision of the Volkswagen Group to become a climate neutral organization by 2050 but also with Greece’s plan to be an advanced European country that undertakes actions towards environmental protection.

The residents and local organisations of Astypalea have a prominent role in the success of the project. All these radical changes on the island require their cooperation and agreement. The island is receiving worldwide exposure and is becoming a model island on a global scale. In addition, public sector organisations will assist in the implementation of all the necessary local projects and actions. 

As part of the project, the residents of Astypalea will benefit from special privileges and special prices in the acquisition of electric cars, chargers and scooters, through incentives offered by both Greece and the Volkswagen Group.  

Incentives for the residents of Astypalea


Under the project, the Hellenic Republic and the Volkswagen Group with Kosmocar, have developed strong incentives for the residents of Astypalea...

Astypalea: smart and sustainable island


The Hellenic Republic and the Volkswagen Group will create a pioneering mobility system in Astypalea. To this end, the current transport system on the island...